Welcome on the site of the Moldovan Society of Study and Management of Pain!

This site was created for let you get acquainted with the Moldovan Society of Study and Management of Pain and its activities. As well you will find here the last news about the scientific and practical activities in the field of evaluation and management of pain.

The Association «Moldovan Society of Study and Management of Pain®» is a non governmental organization, apolitical, non-profit, with scientific and professional aims.

The Association is created and carries out its activities according to
The Constitution of the Republic of Moldova and according to the law number 837-XIII about the associations from 17-th of May 1996, legislation in force of the Republic of Moldova and its internal regulation.

It was registered by number 3653 at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova on August 2, 2006.

Values and principles:

The Public Association «Moldovan Society of Study and Management of Pain» respects the following values and principles:

  1. Freedom of association, lawfulness and transparency in activities.
  2. Equality in rights of all members, freedom to express opinions and free access to information.
  3. Competence, professional independence and avoidance of conflicts of interests.
  4. Protection of rights, dignity and legitimate interests of the members of the Association.
  5. Self-organization, self-administration and self-management of the Association, without involving in the Public Authorities activities.
  6. Promotion of national values and interests, civic spirit, democracy and jural state, non -commercial sector ethics.

This site was created with the support of
Mr. Laurent BEYDON,
professor, Surgical Intensive Care Unit B, Angers’ University Hospital, France.
We greet the donations that support the Mission and aims of the Association.

The Association web-site respects the HON code principles and the Health On the Net Foundation principles, recommended to all web pages which refer to health protection.

The beneficiaries of the Association are:

  1. Professionals of the health field and persons from tangent areas.
  2. Any person with acute, induced or chronic pain.
  3. Any interested person or institution, which can benefit from the Association activity or can contribute to the association’s objectives accomplishing.